Does Cinnamon help with weight loss? Does it really work? If so to what extent? Will it burn away your fat? And which Cinnamon is best for weight loss? These are questions that go through most people’s minds when they are considering Cinnamon as a weight loss aid.

These are very difficult questions to answer because there is insufficient scientific evidence that Cinnamon helps with weight loss. Our personal experience is that Cinnamon works for weight loss to some extent and for some people, but it must be combined with a healthy program of diet and exercise.

Will Cinnamon melt away your fat? Absolutely not. But it could prevent more fat from being added to your body. Think of Cinnamon as a weight gain preventer as opposed to a weight loss plan.

If you continue to lead an unhealthy life style and eat badly and then cinnamon will have a hard time making any progress whatsoever on your weight loss plan. Even if you consume huge amounts of Cinnamon. Besides consuming very high levels of Cinnamon could lead to high toxicity levels in your body.


Cinnamon keeps you feeling full – According to Dr. Mercola Cinnamon slows down the emptying of your stomach, mostly to reduce the harlan coban’s shelter on television blood sugar spikes. And if you feel fuller, then chances are you will eat less.

Cinnamon is a natural digestive – Cinnamon apparently helps digest your food properly. That means you probably will extract more nutrients for your body from a given amount of food and don’ have to eat excessively to do so.

Cinnamon helps store less fatty acid – If your body gets excess sugar, the liver converts this sugar into fatty acids or fat. Cinnamon seems to increase your blood sugar metabolism meaning it breaks down sugar for absorption into the body as energy. That might mean less fatty acids are produced for your body to store.

Cinnamon helps energy levels, concentration and alertness – Some research shows Cinnamon has this effect of focusing your mind and keeping you alert and in a better mood. If you feel more energized chances are you will exercise and lead a more active lifestyle.

Cinnamon improves gut health – Cinnamon is a powerful anti bacterial that could help get rid of bad bacteria in your stomach. This NIH article says gut microbes and diet can affect obesity. This report indicates Clostridium difficile is hugely instrumental in weight gain, while this study shows that trans-Cinnamaldehyde (a component of Cinnamon particularly high in Cinnamon Bark Oil) reduces Clostridium difficile Toxin Production and Cytotoxicity in Vitro. So clean up your system with Cinnamon and reintroduce some good bacteria with non dairy probiotics or foods high in healthy gut bacteria like Kim chi, or even better yet just eat a variety of good quality fresh food.

The Candida Connection – One of end results of those with excess Candida is weight gain or the inability to lose weight, . As we show you here, Cinnamon is one of the most effective ways to treat Candida overgrowth and get it under control. We are confident that if you an get your Candida under control, then you are on the right path to achieving a healthy weight.